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Vent & Air Duct Cleaning Service

Improve Air Quality, Remove Allergens, Kill & Prevent Mold, and Prevent House Fires

We vacuum, clean, sterilize, then apply an FDA-approved mold preventive coating in HVAC ducts, HVAC Coils, dryer vents, kitchen hood exhaust duct and provide cleaning services for every other household vent system. Providing the safest and highest quality service.

We service Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, and all other Communities within Flagler, St Johns, Seminole and Volusia Counties

Clean Ducts Guaranteed

Get firsthand video footage showing your vents + HVAC ducts are clean!

Before and after video showing our scrub + disinfection + mold and pathogen prevention steps gives commercial and residential customers the peace of mind that the job was done and done well. 

Trust is great, but visual proof that guarantees your ducts were cleaned… is better.

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HVAC Register & Vent Cover Cleaning included

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Commercial Duct Cleaning

Well-maintained indoor air quality for businesses and other work places can be easy and done right without becoming an expensive hassle.

We clean commercial HVAC air ducts, and laundromat dryer vents, chimney flues and other venting systems.

Compare our 1) vacuum, 2) scrub, 3) disinfection, 4) prevention process, and you will find that the quality of our service can’t be beat anywhere else in the market.

Try us, and if we prove our worth, we will provide you an annual discount.

Home Duct

We don’t just sweep, we vacuum and scrub.  Then we kill and disinfect for pathogens to improve air quality, then apply an antimicrobial layer that helps prevent mold for the next 12 months. 

Whether you have rectangle or round ductwork, you are in the right place. 

Rectangle Duct
Round Duct

We clean ductwork in any size home, and all register and grill covers are included in every cleaning.


Want to set-and-forget? Sign up for our annual check-up so we can keep an eye on all household vents and ducts to ensure ongoing mold prevention, allergy prevention and house fire prevention. Our annual check-ups act as low cost insurance and give you access to discounted cleaning when needed.

Supply HVAC duct cleaning is necessarily roughly every five years, while Return air ducts need cleaning even less often than that.

As a part of the subscription we also send you a new discounted and high quality air filter by mail every 90 days. Our customers who store filters and forget to put them in when needed love this service. No need to store filters any more, and no risk of forgetting to change the air filter.


Dryer Vent

One of the leading causes of clothes dryer fires are debris and dirt restricted clothing dryer vents. Too much dust and lint build up in a vent can also wear out a dryer faster.

We aim to do a perfect job. If you agree and decide you want to “set and forget” the task of keeping your dryer clean, we recommend our annual check-up subscription service.

This will give you peace of mind, that if you get busy and forget, that it will still be taken care of. You will also get an immediate discount on the first dryer vent cleaning.


AC Coil

We will clean your condenser coils on your outside unit and the evaporator coil inside your home. Increasing your air quality and the energy efficiency of your system  too.

This particular service won’t improve air quality, but depending on your situation, we can potentially increase energy efficiency significantly.  Especially if you your HVAC system is running more than it should.



Why Choose Us

Not all air duct cleaning is created equal. We offer more value per dollar to our customers than anybody else in the market.  We challenge you to prove us wrong. We disinfect with dry fog at no extra charge, clean your return air register covers at no extra charge, and provide before and after video to show the job was done well.

Qualified Experts

IICRC certified professionals with certifications in mold inspection, remediation, dry fog sterilization, water damage restoration, and a decade of experience in vent and duct cleaning.

One-year Mold Prevention

Nobody else offers a mold preventive coating like we do. We cover the entire interior of your duct system with an antimicrobial coating that fights new mold, bacteria and viruses for up to a year.

Video Proof

If requested, we can take before and after video of the ducts and vents we clean so you know how dirty they were, and how clean we made them. You will have first-hand proof of a job well done!

Subscription Discount

Try us out, then sign up for our annual check-up. Where we will inspect all your ductwork and provide cleaning If needed. Sign up and a instant discount will be applied to our fist visit, and lock it in for life.

Fog Disinfection

A higher level of duct and vent cleaning includes our hospital-grade dry fog sterilization. Want to eliminate pathogenic organisms? Pure Home Daytona is the only choice.

Referral Discount

Refer us to friends and family and pay even less. You getting a discount is not contingent on whether a friend, neighbor or family member uses our services. We will give you a discount for simply making the referral.


Here’s What Our Client Say about Us


I have to say they are all about customer service!! Joe answered all of our questions, listened to our concerns, and explained the complete process. Joe and Sam arrived exactly at the time they were supposed to and were really nice to work with. We were completely comfortable having them in our house. Thank you again for your help.
Linda Hayes
Amazing experience!! Thank you for rectifying the issue we had! Joey was incredible to work with. Straight shooter, extremely kind and professional and actually did exactly what he said he would do! Hard to say that about a lot of companies these days. The price he quoted me was the price I paid. No hidden costs and the day of service they didn’t find anything unexpected to try and bump the original price quoted. I truly couldn’t be happier. Thank you for making this process as easy as it could be.
Emily Coffel
Hands down the most professional company I have dealt with in years. Joe's customer service was spectacular / Excellent.
Carlos The Man

Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Efficiency and safety are important, but our commercial clients are particularly interested in indoor air quality.

Our sweet spot is small business.  Restaurants, Retail, Grocery, Health Clinics, Dental Offices and Attorney’s Offices and Apartment Buildings. 

Get “set-and-forget” subscription pricing that beats the competition, and gives you the peace of mind that you are delivering indoor air quality to your customers, patients and tenants.

Need A Professional Estimate?

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